The A-Z’s of self-love 

In this modern age it seems self-love , in fact love, is an evasive idea we’re all struggling to grasp. Just take a look around you, there’s an unmistakeable lack of love floating about. People harming each other and in turn themselves. It would almost seem as if humanity was destined to hate. 

I was listening to a radio broadcast one afternoon, and a lady said: ‘You can’t give out what you don’t have.’ Which is quite true, how can we give love if we do not have love? How can we love our neighbors like we love ourselves if we do not even love ourselves? How can we expect to cure the world of hate if we are riddled with the disease ourselves? 

This is where self-love comes in. Noticeably self-love has grown in popularity on social media. I myself first came into contact with the idea on Tumblr. If you’re lucky enough to have come across this idea of self-love then surely you have also come across the hardships that come with attaining self-love. 

In this post I’m going to share a few A-Z tips that will hopefully make your journey easier. And if you haven’t started on the journey then these tips will be good to keep in mind for when you embark on your journey. 

Attend to your needs and wants. 

Become your own lover. Before you expect someone to love you, love yourself fully and completely. Love yourself like you would expect a Romeo or a Juliet to love you. 

Cultivate your mind. Always keep expanding the parameters of your mind, it is important that you care for your intellect. 
Determine your own self worth. Oftentimes we allow society and others to determine what we are worthy of, what we deserve. But we are the holders of our destinies and lives, so it’s time we take our worth into our hands. (Spoiler: each person is worth the universe and a little more) 

Energy is precious. Don’t waste your energy on unimportant tasks, people and situations. And remember the energy you give out is the energy you receive. 

Follow your heart. Cliche but I couldn’t resist. 

Go outside and breathe some fresh air in. The trees are tirelessly releasing oxygen solely so you can breathe. 

Handle yourself with care. Be gentle in the way you speak of and to yourself. 

am worthy, I am energy, I am love’

Find positive affirmations and keep saying them to yourself.

Just go with the flow. Stress is unnecessary, the whole universe is unfolding for you to succeed. 

Know your worth. Now that you have determined your own worth, it’s time to hold yourself to that standard. Do no accept any treatment that is less than your worth, even from yourself. 

Lose the negative people and negative situations. You won’t get ahead in the game around all that negativity. 

Make more demands. Ask for more. More from those around you and more from yourself.

Nutrition is important. Eat healthy, eat clean. Taking care of your body is part of self-love. 

Ok, so you’re doing everything I’ve just listed but you still feel crap? Carry on. Carry on, it gets hard, it was hard for us all. You’re not the first and definitely not the last person to struggle with self-love. 

Patience is key. Patiently and diligently you will attain self-love. 

Question everything in your life and whether or not it’s adding value. Keep only that which is valuable and good. 

Resonate with the love vibration 

Share your journey with like minded people. That’s right, leave a comment below. 

Tonight you’ve got to love yourself. (Inser suggestive wink here)

Understand yourself. This can only happen when you spend quality time with yourself. You can’t possibly fall in love with someone you’ve never met right? 

Vanity is not self-love and self-love is not vanity. You’re not selfish if you love yourself, in fact you’re anything but. 

Within you is everything you will ever need. 

is a cool letter. But exercise is cooler. Get active, be it yoga, jogging, walking, going to gym, anything just get active. 

You gotta get up in the morning determined to increase your feelings of self worth

Zilch, nothing. You owe other people nothing so don’t be guilted into doing things that bring you down. And don’t allow other people to use you and steal your precious energy. 

That’s all for this post. Definitely will be talking a lot more about love on this blog so watch the space. And remember to leave comments so we can discuss and I can know what you think.  



  1. What you mentioned. About there being a lack of self love now in the modern age.

    You’re wrong.

    It’s always been that way.

    The news stations simpl y emphasises war and conflict to keep you in their loop and take in ad revenue.

    Mankind is ALWAYS weekend conflict.

    Personally I believe we’re at a more peaceful time that some key moments in history.

    Liked by 1 person

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