Creating Healthy Manifestating Habits 

When the word ‘manifestation’ comes out to play, ideas of materialistic gains being manifested also come to the playground. But manifestation is more than just attracting a car, or a new job. Manifestation is the never ending process with which we create our lives. In every moment we are manifesting, every second we are thinking of something and hence attracting it. 

With this understanding we can really take power into our own hands and mould the circumstances we’re in to favor us. But as anyone who has tried to manifest something, it can be a difficult and tedious task. Controlling ones thoughts is not as easy as it sounds. And most of the time we are not aware of our thoughts, so how can we manage these to ensure that we are attracting the right stuff? 

This is where resonating and vibrating on a positive vibration comes into play. Oftentimes the circumstances we manifest are not necessarily a result of our explicit thoughts, but rather of our state of minds. And it is the state of our minds that dictate our vibration. The higher our state of minds the higher our vibration and the more positive our manifestations become. 

There are many ways to raise one’s vibration and resonate with higher frequencies. But I find that the simplest method is in fact gratitude. Everyday, before you sleep begin to list the things you are grateful for, all the things you can rejoice about. And repeat the activity as soon as you wake up. And every time you receive something that pleases you, make note of it and practice gratitude. 

Gratitude greatly improves our state of mind and elevates our vibrational frequency. 

So thank you for reading this post. 



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