Are you influencing or being influenced? 

Remember, when you gaze into the abyss so too the abyss is gazing into you.

It is with this idea I state: when you reach to change humanity, so too humanity reaches to change you. 

When I began my blog, I wanted to spread a message of love and help create a culture of love. But I have gone off the grid for a while now and that is because writing became a daunting task. After the reviews and interaction I received from my first post on self-love I felt a pressure. Pressure to write not what I wanted to say to the people, but what I thought people wanted to hear me say. And as a result my passion was dwindling away. 

I realized, in trying to influence the world the world was influencing me. As I was gazing into the abyss, it too was gazing into me. And if I continued on this path, I would simultaneously become the abyss as it became me, there would be a very thin line differentiating my words from the world’s words. 

After this revelation I stopped myself and made a promise to always write what I want to write and nothing else. At first I thought this action of changing and being changed existed only in the world of those trying to blog. But I know now that that is not the case. Whatever we try to mend, repair, change or alter is doing the exact same to us. 

Envision you work for an NGO and you’re helping children in the third world. Whilst you are helping them you might discover that they are helping you. Helping you develop a character, practice gratitude and other things you wouldn’t have learnt without them. Or imagine you’re fixing a desk that broke, you will notice that while you’re repairing the desk your mind wanders and seems to fix itself. Or you’re cleaning the house whilst the action is simultaneously clearing your mind.  

It is evident that nothing we do in this universe is ever in isolation. Scientifically we know that there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action. This is true too in the lives of humans: whatever we’re doing to something, it is simultaneously doing that to us as well. This can either be good or bad and this knowledge shouldn’t frighten us rather it should empower us. 

And take this knowledge into our everyday lives and consider our actions including what our actions are reaping for us at the same time. 

For as we gaze into the abyss, so too it gazes into us.  

What do you think?


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